Firefox warns me about an untrusted certificate.
The transport is secured, but the security certificate has been self-signed by me. Just click on I understand the risks and continue, this is ok.
You should however never trust such connections if you do accounting or something similar.
I use firefox and it just takes ages to access this site.
You will need to disable ipv6 support in firefox. Read on to see how this is done.

For Students

I am registered in several courses, but I can only see the tasks of one course!
You will need to change your active course to see tasks of another course.
I am registered in several courses, but when I try to set my second course active, I am not allowed to do so.
You need to be added to an internal course list, please send mail to H. Stamerjohanns

For TAs

I am TA for course xxx, but I cannot see the menu point "Grade Files".
Have you changed the active course to the one where you are TA?
If yes and it still does not work (of course unlikely..), please send mail to H. Stamerjohanns and complain.
Emails to Jane Doe bounce because Grader has stored the wrong email address.
Please inform Jane to update her email address, she has typed in the wrong one.
Jane Doe is one of my assigned students, but I cannot see her on my list.
Normally Jane Doe will be added to the list as soon as she has logged in for the first time. If you still cannot see Jane after some days, please send mail to H. Stamerjohanns.

For Course Administrators

How do I add students to the course?
Please goto administration->check, add, delete registrations and follow the instructions there.
Check, add, delete registrations via LDAP is more convenient. However, at the beginning of a semester Campus.Net exports outdated (last year's) lists, so please double check at the beginning of a semester.
How do I add TAs to my course?
Please send the names to Heinrich Stamerjohanns until he finally add this feature for course admins.